Introducing DinoBus: For a Greener Future

When it comes to transportation, electricity has emerged as a pivotal focus, and it’s easy to see why. In this climate of deeper scientific understanding and actionable policies pushing through, it’s clear that the next step for many industries is to evolve into more eco-friendly operations. The transition towards greener options is not just limited to urban commuting, though it really is one of the most important sectors, but it extends to all aspects of transport, including the crucial segment of airport mobility. It is in this dynamic arena that DinoBus, a goal-oriented European establishment, is making significant strides. Branching out from the expertise of Avia Solutions Group and Busnex, DinoBus specializes in the development and supply of electric apron bus models, helping airports to easily take a significant leap toward environmentally friendly airport operations.

Airport apron bus in front of airplane

The Story of DinoBus

DinoBus’s journey began almost forty years ago. In essence, it is a collaborative effort between Busnex, an urban bus supplier, and Nordic Dino, an airport robotics developer. Both Nordic Dino and Busnex had excellence in mind when it came to the development of their products. But with the growing need for green energy products that simply couldn’t be ignored, DinoBus was formed with this precise goal: an easy, green drive. The expertise from both urban and airport solutions, coupled with an amazing team of professionals in the field and support from Avia Solutions Group, this new entity was envisioned to spearhead innovations in electric mobility specifically tailored for airport environments.

We focus on the creation of apron buses that can be parked, boarded, and refueled, all with zero emissions.

The core vision of DinoBus is to allow our potential partnerships to be a part of the solution on a global scale. Our models and training in airport ground support operations are done with cutting-edge electric mobility systems and strong client support. The mission was always clear: to reduce the carbon footprint of airport operations and lead the transition towards zero-emission vehicles in the aviation sector. With this objective, DinoBus is looking to contribute significantly to the global efforts against climate change while enhancing the efficiency and safety of mobility overall.

The DinoBus Fleet: A Closer Look

We offer a range of electric apron buses designed with both the environment and the end-user in mind. They are each equipped with high-quality systems and materials, ensuring not only reduced emissions but also lower operational costs compared to traditional fuel-based models. The flagship model of DINOBUS can be considered the DinoRex. Known for its robust performance and extended range, it is on the larger side of the scale and transports up to 120 passengers with ease. What makes it particularly unique is the intentional interior design; a high roof in the interior body promotes a naturally efficient air circulation within the body. A uniquely efficient air cooling and heating system that is perfect for accommodating areas known for extreme climates – that may need this element for the complete comfort of their passengers.

passengers exiting airplane and entering apron bus

The Complete Experience

DinoBus isn’t just about electric buses; it’s about a smarter, faster, conscious approach to airport ground support. With current warehouses in Lithuania and Poland, DinoBus is organized to be punctual and responsive in any situation. We know about the industry and strive to promote the best performance out there, from customer support to maintenance. Some of our advantages include:


  • Impressive battery capacity: ensuring long life and high performance under all weather conditions.
  • Fast shipping: Our models will reach their destinations swiftly, so that our partners do not have to worry about wasting too much time on the process of integrating our service stations.
  • After Sales Management System: Our AMS for each partner allows real-time tracking and management of each vehicle, enhancing operational efficiencies and predictive maintenance capabilities.

Looking Forward

As the aviation industry continues to focus on reducing its environmental impact, DinoBus is at the forefront of this transformation. With our team steadily developing each aspect of the models and services, the company is constantly seeking to innovate and improve its offerings. The future holds a great many more initiatives and ideas to creatively redefine mobility. Through our advanced electric apron buses, DinoBus is not just providing a product, but also actively engaging in a much-needed step in the aviation sector. As we expand our footprint globally, the impact of our initiatives is set to increase, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards a sustainable future.

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